We help investors find the right entrepreneurs.
We assist you as an investor in finding the right entrepreneurs to invest in, in line with your investment goals and strategy.

Wij koppelen u als investeerder aan de juiste ondernemers

We assist you as an investor in finding the right entrepreneurs to invest in, in line with your investment goals and strategy.

Investment forms

Real State

Investing in real estate by lending money or investing in (a share of) real estate.


The possibility to invest in a company by lending money or investing in shares.

U zoekt interessante ventures om in te investeren?

Dan kunnen wij u wellicht helpen. Het is onze kerntaak om voor ondernemingen de juiste financier te vinden. Kort gezegd: wij matchen geld en ondernemers.

Het geldt voor de meeste ondernemingen. Op een goed moment heb je een kapitaalinjectie nodig om verder te groeien. Wij weten als geen ander hoe belangrijk het is om zekerheid te vinden in waar een investeerder in investeert. Maar welke ventures passen het best bij u als investeerder? Misschien zoekt u een ondernemer die naast aandelen ook naar andere financieringsvormen zoekt? 

Our advantages for investors to join EJ Capital

Our network consists of a diverse group of interesting entrepreneurs who are ready for investment or a loan, ranging from start-ups to scale-ups and professional companies. Our focus is on providing both funding and ‘smart money’ in the form of investors who can also offer valuable insights and connections when requested. We also support our entrepreneurs after the investment, often in the form of coaching and mentoring. We also collaborate with our investors to provide funding as well as additional value to our entrepreneurs, such as knowledge, network, and other supportive factors.

Investing from a specified amount?

Our services also include assisting entrepreneurs in finding financing options for their business properties, such as selling a property and then leasing it back or taking out a mortgage. This can be a good source of funding for entrepreneurs, as the money tied up in business properties can be freed up for investments. By selling a property and leasing it back, the entrepreneur can retain their business operations in the same property and still enjoy additional liquidity. For you as an investor or mortgage lender, it can also offer significant benefits, such as a long lease agreement and payment security in the form of a mortgage lien.

Are you interested in achieving a good return on investment while utilizing your knowledge and network to have an impact on your returns?

What are our conditions?

Our expectation is that those who are interested in our services are knowledgeable and have the proper skills to ask the right questions and assess valuation reports. If you don’t have an experienced advisor, we are available to connect you with an accountant who can further assist you. Additionally, we offer masterclasses for novice investors where you will learn what to look out for when investing in small and medium-sized enterprises.

'What's in it for EJ Capital?

EJ Capital werkt op basis van een succesfee. Halen wij de volledige investering op? Dan spreken wij een fee met de opdrachtgever af wie wordt uitgekeerd. De samenstelling hiervan kan verschillen. De investeerder merkt hier echter niks van. Dit wordt afgestemd met de opdrachtgever.

Uw vastgoed financieren

Uw bedrijf upscalen

Uw bedrijf verkoopklaar maken

Edwin Schaafsma

After years of being an entrepreneur, I understand how important it is to have sufficient working capital to grow. Together with Julia, we have helped over 400 entrepreneurs obtain working capital in our first company, and we have seen how much growth it can generate. My goal is to assist as many entrepreneurs as possible in the growth of their businesses. An additional advantage is that investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can yield an attractive return with relatively low risk. What I enjoy most about this form of investment is the ability to exert influence myself. There is no other form of investment where you have as much control as when investing in SMEs. After losing a lot of money in stocks and cryptocurrencies, investing in SMEs gives me the most secure feeling.


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent which covers expenses and provides cash flow to the owners.


Property cash flow services the debt which increases your equity, creating long-term wealth.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more cash flow in your pocket.


You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $100M with only $25M.


Real estate typically appreciates in value faster than inflation.

Julia Kizimenko

After years of working in the real estate industry, I decided to start investing in real estate myself. This provided me with enough passive income to no longer have to work. However, I found that not being satisfied with just doing nothing and missed the challenge in my life. Together with Edwin, I started a business and found my passion. Entrepreneurship is so much fun for me that it has almost become an addiction. Nowadays, I am no longer operationally involved in our companies and I find that I am a good coach. I want to show everyone how much fun entrepreneurship can be. Through my experience, I know exactly what mistakes are often made, and therefore I am good at preventing them. Because ultimately, prevention is better than cure.

In what ways do we differentiate
ourselves from others?

Our network consists of financiers both locally and internationally as well as investors who enjoy working alongside entrepreneurs to stimulate growth and success. These investors often possess entrepreneurial experience themselves, and believe in sharing knowledge because we are convinced that this leads to multiplication of results. Our focus is on arranging financing through which the entrepreneur can accelerate their growth and reach their goals faster.

A few success cases

Get in touch with entrepreneurs

We see that when there is ultimately a good match with the right financing partner or investor, the entrepreneur grows in his business. Not only in terms of revenue, but also with a better business model. It creates more value in the company and reduces the time to achieve this.

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