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Money in your business is for you vital for small and medium-sized businesses

Money is the lifeblood of your business, it is indispensable to keep the daily operations of your business going and standing. But besides that, money is also the means for substantial growth. In every business: cash is king. For example, you need money to keep up with growth when it suddenly accelerates, but also when you are at the beginning with a viable plan, it is necessary to welcome extra money into your business. Why? You need money for investments that enable growth. Think of buying a new machine or property, renting a production space, or making larger and therefore cheaper purchases that you want to make. In other words, without money, there is no growth. But how do you get that money?


From Angels & Dragons, we facilitate a lot of events where you can meet entrepreneurs to potentially invest in. We believe that it’s always wise to first get acquainted before diving into a business together. Sign up for one of the events or subscribe to the newsletter. That way, you’ll always be informed.

02 September – SparkWise Academy

Event: Escape -
The Matrix

On Saturday, September 2nd, EJ Capital in collaboration with SparkWise Academy is organizing an event “Recognize and Escape from the Matrix”. The event starts at 9:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm.

01 August – YouTube Angels & Dragons

Angels & Dragons Mastermind

Episode ‘Angels & Dragons Mastermindstarts at 8:00 PM!

Investment Opportunities

At this moment, there are various investment opportunities available at Angels & Dragons. Request all the information from us to make an informed decision.

Perfect Jane focuses on fashion-conscious women who value looking good and the well-being of the world, with a focus on environmentally friendly and animal-friendly products. The demand for ethically produced vegan boots is rapidly increasing.

In total op zoek naar €150.000,-

You can join starting from €7,500


Invest in our project for significant growth potential in the thriving real estate market of Mexico. Backed by a successful track record, our strategically located project offers long-term growth opportunities.

Op zoek naar €4.999.999,-

Instappen kan vanaf €50.000,-

The network of

Our international network of investors consists of (former) entrepreneurs who are spread across the world. These investors are eager to collaborate with you as an entrepreneur and provide valuable insights for further growth and success. In addition to capital, they bring along the necessary experience and expertise, which help your company grow in multiple ways.

We believe in sharing knowledge. In this way, sharing automatically multiplies. Are you looking for an investment for your company? Or do you want to invest and grow together with other entrepreneurs? Then join our network!

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The most common mistake:
undertaking with too much own capital

If you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, we recommend gaining experience first. Keep your costs low and find creative ways to generate revenue. Once you have gained the necessary experience, we advise you to further build your business with funding from external parties. Most entrepreneurs do not do this because very few inexperienced small and medium-sized business owners nowadays receive loans from banks. Therefore, the majority of small and medium-sized business owners invest a significant amount of their own money into the business or focus on growth using the profits made. This may seem like a smart move, but it is actually the most common mistake. By doing this, you make your business and your own financial situation very vulnerable. Most entrepreneurs think it is cost-effective because the money is already theirs. They don't have to pay interest on it, and they don't have to give away a portion of their company to an investor. But is it really cheap and smart? Imagine if your industry is devastated by unforeseen economic circumstances or if you face significant setbacks internally. Then, everything you have, both business and personal, could be lost or become worthless. And that's when you'll be in trouble! So, you are not choosing what is cheap, but rather unnecessarily exposing yourself to a lot of risk and missed opportunities when you undertake with too much of your own money.

Choose smarter and freer entrepreneurship, with less risk.

If you have experience as an SME entrepreneur, we believe in doing business and growing with borrowed capital, and as little as possible with your own money. There are many possibilities in that regard, more than you might think. An injection of money can, for example, be done through factoring, but in addition, a loan or working with an investor is also an option. For many entrepreneurs, managing their business with external funds is unfamiliar territory, which often raises questions and fears just by the idea alone. Often, they don't really see it as an option due to lack of knowledge. That's a shame because it is a path with many opportunities. You let someone else bear the greatest risk while you extract as much of your earned money from your business to build a healthy and ever-growing financial foundation privately. This way, you always have a comfortable personal situation and it enables the growth in your business that you've always dreamed of, faster than you thought possible. But even if things were to go differently and your entire business falls apart, it will not affect your personal financial situation. We see this as smart entrepreneurship, allowing you to enjoy your entrepreneurial adventure with more freedom and fewer worries.




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We see that when there is ultimately a good match with the right financing partner or investor, the entrepreneur grows in his business. Not only in terms of revenue, but also with a better business model. It creates more value in the company and reduces the time to achieve this.

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with us.

We see that when there is ultimately a good match with the right financing partner or investor, the entrepreneur grows in his business. Not only in terms of revenue, but also with a better business model. It creates more value in the company and reduces the time to achieve this.

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